Our team has the most qualified technicians to carry out the works on your building all year round.

Our technicians specialise in delivering concrete repair solutions to the residential, commercial, industrial and civil sectors throughout Sydney’s northern beaches and no job is too big or too small. We’ve built our reputation based on quality workmanship, efficient service and value for money.

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Our Services

Our team can recommend a cost effective long term solution for:

Internal & external water proofing work

Mastic joints

Concrete cancer (concrete spalling)

Chemical resistant coatings

Construction joints including, vertical, horizontal and floor joints

New concrete driveways and slabs

Concrete Cancer (Spalling)

Why does my building have concrete cancer & how can we fix it?

Seaside properties are at a higher risk of concrete spalling (or as it is more commonly known as concrete cancer). It’s due to carbonation and substantial chloride levels eating the concrete on your building. Concrete spalling is unsightly, hazardous and if left untreated can lead to serious structural deterioration requiring extensive – and expensive repairs. Thankfully, our team are perfectly positioned to deliver a complete range of concrete cancer and spalling repair solutions for all residential, commercial, industrial and civil applications. When improperly sealed steel reinforcements start to rust, any surrounding concrete begins to be displaced.
While this process can start as being just unsightly flaking, as more water is introduced into the compromised concrete the spalling spreads faster and wider, and in many cases leads to serious structural problems. Using industry leading products and innovative solutions, our concrete cancer repair specialists can stop spalling in its tracks. Treated early enough, our concrete repair solutions can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs to your buildings. Our concrete repair contractors are well known for their specialist knowledge, superior results and attentive service. When your concrete cancer issues need to be fixed the first time for the right price then can trust us.

Not sure how much to budget or how to fix the problem?

Most strata managers, executive committees do not have the experience or expertise in handling major spalling works on the building. Some owners feel nervous and unsure with the potential spending required to repair the concrete issues

Our company can offer to send a concrete spalling consultant to meet with your owners to explain what has happened, how to potentially resolve the issue, estimated cost to remedy the issue and time required to fix the issue. This is of course at no obligation.

Concrete Waterproofing

At the final stages of a concrete repair solution, or as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of future concrete cancer, the concrete waterproofing solutions offered by our team, gives you compelling value for money. Water ingress to a concrete slab or wall often leads to the rusting of reinforcing steel. As the rust expands within the slab, concrete begins to bubble, flake and crack. Once this occurs, more water is allowed entry, accelerating the process. What can start as a minor eyesore can quickly develop into serious structural damage and a major health and safety hazard. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We are experienced in a range of concrete waterproofing solutions and our team will

be able to recommend the best application to suit the situation and develop a tailored waterproofing solution to address all of your needs. Concrete waterproofing is one of the best ways to protect all of your concrete structures, and we make the process easy, stress free and affordable. We specialise in working on projects of all sizes for clients from the residential, commerical, industrial and civil sectors throughout Sydney’s northern districts.
Our team is highly trained and take advantage of modern equipment and innovative approaches to deliver concrete waterproofing solutions that represent quality and value for money.

Depending on your needs, we offer a range of concrete waterproofing solutions including:

Polyurethane based sealants

Torch-on membranes

Loose layer sheet membranes

Injection applied negative waterproofing

Hypalon bandages

Tanking membranes

Chemical waterproofing

UV Stabilized CLEAR Membrane (NEW!)

New concrete driveways and slabs

We have years of experience and expertise in concrete slabs, concrete driveways,
stencil concreting and concrete resurfacing. This includes:

Stencil concrete

Plain concrete

Driveways, paths and patios

Council crossings


Council kerb and gutter

House slabs – suspended and on ground

Steel fixing


Concrete pumping

Detention and retention tanks

Concrete cleaning and resealing

For an obligation free onsite inspection and quote call us today on 02 9938 1740 or 0418 407 419

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